Common Rules of Wearing Socks

Socks are a truly interesting piece of clothing, but many of us do not pay much attention to them. However, we should understand that they play an important role in our overall comfort as they offer protection to our feet from abrasions and wick away sweat. Socks are a small detail that helps pull your outfit together or can be a boring and unwelcoming distraction.

You should keep in mind a few important things while wearing socks. You should not take your socks lightly as it conveys many things about you and your personality. Read below to know some of these important tips.

Socks Should be Matching and Should not Have Stains or Holes

You might be thinking that this is an obvious rule, but mentioning this here is important as many of us fail to follow this rule. Failing to go by this simple rule may lead to embarrassing situations when we need to remove our shoes unexpectedly. This could keep you preoccupied with the thoughts of concealing your protruding toe, instead of striking up a lively conversation with your potential partner.

Socks Should Match Trousers

This tip will offer a streamlined appearance to the wearer. Many of us go with this rule as it offers rigidness to the personality of the wearer and leaves no room for confusion and interpretation. However, many men with a much-improved sense of style break this rule with the men’s crazy socks available out there. This will let the metrosexuals include a range of patterned and colored socks to their wardrobe that the conservative dressers usually avoid.

It is also good to coordinate the color or pattern of the socks with the neckwear. This is more difficult than matching the socks with the color of trousers, but the tradition of matching socks and neckwear has been in place for many decades and can help you liven up your dull outfit.

Knee Length vs. Ankle Length

This is an old rule based on the saying that a gentleman should not expose his bare leg without a valid reason. This is a bit of an old rule but it still holds true in some cases. For instance, a flash of white hairy skin while wearing dark suits can be distracting and unattractive. Many of us know that it is very tough to abide by this rule in practice as most of the popular sock manufacturers and online sock stores do not offer socks models that rise anywhere close to the knee of the user. Nonetheless, you need to be trendy too!

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