Types of Socks for Men and Women Based on Length

We do not give much importance to the pair of socks we use, but in reality, a pair of cool socks for men or women can elevate your look completely. Apart from offering a fancy look, socks perform the additional duty of sweat wicking and offer protection from fungal infections, cracked heel, and other issues with the foot.

Socks do so much for our legs that there are different styles of socks to wear at different occasions. Read below to know the different types of socks for men and women as per length.

Ankle length socks

This type of socks, also known as low cut socks, are usually no show socks that are perfect to use with low cut shoes, loafers, boat shoes, and Oxfords. These socks not only offer an urbane look, but also perform the duty of sweat wicking and prevent blisters. Ankle length socks are a must-have for the crazy and funky ones.

Knee length socks

This type of socks will offer a high-end fashion type of look, especially when it is worn by girls with boots. Knee length socks offer full protection in harsh weathers and are perfect for outdoor activities. In the 80’s and 90’s, knee length socks were a popular uniform accessory for girls, and they were even a part of the British Army uniform.

Calf Length Socks

Calf length socks provide protection and warmth to the user and can be worn with shorts, casual dresses, and skirts to offer a cool look. So, if you were looking for casual looks, the calf length socks would be the best bet.

Mid-Calf length socks

This type of socks is longer than the crew length socks and offer more coverage and protection to the wearer. Mid-calf length socks are ideal dress socks and can be used with your work dress. This is also a gender-neutral socks model.

Crew length socks

This type of socks is usually of length six to eight inches and offer protection from dust. Crew length socks go well with dress shoes and can also be used for outdoor activities like hiking. This socks model is also unisex.

Quarter length socks

This type of socks covers the ankles of the user and is very helpful in avoiding blisters. This type of socks is suitable to use with trousers, skirts, or shorts, and offer a posh and professional look to the wearer.

Quarter length socks go well with work outfits for men and women. You can wear quarter length socks that match with the color of the pants to offer a professional look.

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