Choosing the Right Summer Hiking Socks

The heat of the summer prompts many to go hiking in the woods and mountainous terrains. In the process, one needs to pack the necessary supplies including the clothing and gear required for long and short treks. The feet need good protection during hiking and this is aided by the use of summer hiking socks, as they provide good protection and comfort during the journey through the summer heat.

Selecting a pair of good hiking socks from an online sock store can be a bit difficult for buyers. So to help you out, below are a few tips for choosing the right summer hiking socks.

Choose Wool

Hiking socks made of wool have many benefits during the summer. The natural fibers in wool, especially those derived from merino sheep, have added benefits in keeping the feet cool by properly evaporating the sweat and moisture. The fibers can absorb the sweat and dissipate it effectively to the outside air, thereby keeping the feet cool and odor-free. Woolen socks have good stretchable and elastic properties as well, which ensures comfortable wear during your summer hike.

Skip Cotton

Hiking socks made of cotton materials can cause the buildup of sweat and moisture in the feet. This will make the feet warmer as it allows little evaporation, thereby making you uncomfortable during the hike. Cotton being a lighter material is ineffective for providing insulation and can even cause blisters on the feet due to rubbing against the skin.

Prefer Lightweight

During the summer, the amount of perspiration from the feet is much higher, so go for socks made of lightweight material. Hiking socks made of lighter materials helps to reduce sweating and keep the feet cooler. Their design provides good cushioning to the heel and back of the feet, thus ensuring good comfort to the wearer.

Check Sock Height

The height of the socks to choose in hiking is dependent entirely on the type of the shoe. Knee-high socks are preferred in the case of high ankle boots, as they prevent the boots from rubbing with your ankles. For low-top shoes, choose socks that end at the cuff because this provides more cooling and sweat dissipation.

Check Terrain Nature

Selecting the right summer hiking socks for hiking requires knowledge of the type of terrain. For terrains that have less vegetation, it is better to go with short length socks, whereas crew socks are ideal when hiking in the bushes, as they prevent exposing the skin to the tall grass.

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