Trends That Make Funky Socks a Sensation

Extreme people deserve special treatment, especially in the matter of funky socks. Here are four trends that have recently been making a splash in the sock world.

Wear Socks Matching your Personality

Wearing knee-high socks and covering it with proper clothing is something that makes you look trendy. Even among knee-highs, you could select patterns and stripes suiting your outfit. Remember American pop singers Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. All you see in that music video is hipsters wearing a cowboy hat and taking the groove to the roadside. Have you noticed any of the hipsters showing off funky socks outside the outfit?

Wear Funky Socks Resembling Millennial Looks

Rewind the clock to the 1980’s, and you get a throwback to ankle-length funky socks. Fishnet socks especially used to be trendy among the millennial people who used to couple them with slim fit jeans. Women, on the other hand, used to couple fishnets with skirts daring themselves to show off some skin in the process.

Funky Socks on Apparels

Only the coolest fashionistas try out this outrageous match. To make sure you do not botch up looks, wear casuals instead of formals alongside apparels that show bare feet. Enter any online sock store for that matter and take a look at the mannequins for instance. Does any mannequin, either male or female, wear funky socks on shoes?

Outdoor Sport Trends

A few popular online sock stores have announced a new trendy style known as the skater-esque style. One could personalize the appearance of their socks to be somewhat sporty, or downright naughty. Imagine running around circles on a skateboard wearing funky socks!

There is one rule that lovers of funky socks abide by, and that is the rule of being uninhibited. Self-effacing people pair their socks in fours and take their passion to beyond the courtyards.

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