Tips to Extend the Life of your Funky Socks

Several people who own men’s novelty socks often claim that they have had their socks for years. This fact may come as a surprise to many socks lovers because many of them might not be able to use their socks for more than a couple of months. If you want to use your funky socks for a longer period, then you will have to take good care of them.

You should take note of the fact that buying a pair of low-quality funky socks in order to save some money is not a good idea. Instead, you should always buy socks from a reliable online socks store that offers high quality durable men’s novelty socks. Below are a few general socks care tips, which will help you to extend the life of your funky socks.

  • Trim your toenails, as they will help you prevent the formation of holes in your socks.
  • If you want to store your precious pair of novelty socks for an extended time, lay them flat in your cupboard, as it will retain their original shape.
  • Keep your socks away from colored laundry, particularly during the first couple of washes.
  • Washing socks in a garment bag is highly recommended, as it will easily make them clean.
  • Using fabric softener is not a good idea because the repeated or overuse of fabric softener may cut down the life of your socks.
  • Do not iron, bleach, or dry clean your funky socks.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you should also make sure to wash your socks according to its material and fabric type. Below are a few of the different sock materials and their washing instructions.

Wool Socks

Most varieties of hiking and casual socks usually contain Merino wool. Wool socks should be gently washed with warm water. Turn your wool socks inside out for washing and tumble them on low heat. Try not to use bleach or fabric softeners; use a mild soap instead.

Acrylic Socks

Most cycling and running socks are made of acrylic materials, at least partially. Fortunately, most acrylic socks require less maintenance and they are simple to care for. Washing acrylic socks inside out in a garment bag will help you extend their lifespan.

Nylon Socks

Several varieties of classic sock styles contain nylon. Washing nylon socks in cold water with other nylon clothing items will significantly eliminate the chances of piling. Additionally, it will also extend the life of nylon socks.

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