How to Wear Crazy Socks

Crazy socks are often overlooked by fashionably uninformed men, as they assume that wearing crazy socks will not help them to elevate their style in any way. The truth, however, is that wearing colorful funky socks will help you to create a striking impression on others and it will also make you feel a lot more smart, confident, and successful.

Even though crazy socks are mostly hidden under strict suit attire, they expose the bold personality of the wearer when they “peek out”. In addition to that, wearing funky socks will also make you seem like a person who is not afraid to expose his dressing styles.

Still, many people who wear funky socks have no clue on how to wear them the perfect way. If you have doubt too, below are three different varieties of funky socks and a guide on how to wear them to elevate your dressing style.

The Bright Solids

These types of socks are simple to look at, although are bolder in color. These dress socks add a pop of color to your attire and make you look a lot more stylish. Here is what you need to remember with bright solid socks:

  • Do not try to match these dress socks with your outfit;
  • Try to complement the color of your socks with another detail on your outfit like bowtie, tie, or pocket square; and
  • Make sure to experiment with holiday colors, such as green for St. Patrick’s Day or orange for Halloween.

The Argyle Sock

Argyle socks are available in various styles, patterns, and color. If you want to look a little bit different from your friends or co-works, wear argyle socks. Yet when doing so, do not try to match your argyle socks with your shoes. Instead, be ready to experiment with some playful colors such as purple or pink.

The Patterned Sock

Push the boundaries of your typical intricate look by making a swift switch to patterned socks. Wearing a patterned sock to a business meeting or an interview will certainly help you because it will make you look a lot more confident. Here too, you should not match the pattern of your socks with the rest of your outfit. You can also experiment with different pattern socks as per your liking.

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