The Best Running Socks for you

Running socks are a necessary accessory for the fitness conscious men out there. Running gear for men is not complete without a set of quality running socks. Your wardrobe might contain many pairs of cool socks for men, but for running, you should strictly use a pair of running socks, as it will keep your feet warm, flexible, and offer good protection.

What Can Running Socks Do For You?

A good pair of running socks will wick away all the sweat to keep your feet dry to prevent slipping and injuries. Running socks are specially designed to improve blood circulation in the feet to keep them dry, which regular men’s colorful socks do not offer. You can have many brands of men’s running socks from various online sock stores, and sometimes, it can be a little bit overwhelming for you to choose the best pair of running socks for you.

It would be better to have a good idea about the types of running socks available in the market to make a better selection. Of course, to get the best support for your feet while running, you should have the right pair of running socks. The different categories of running socks available in the market are explained below.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are either ankle-length or knee-length socks that features graduated compression to increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the feet to thorn out toxins from the body. Knee-length compression socks offer more warmth and comfort to the user.

Anti Blister Socks

Anti blister socks are mainly used by marathon runners and are suitable for extreme fitness enthusiasts. These socks are made of two layers of specialized fabric that prevents friction between the shoes and the feet of the user. The air space between the two layers of fabric also offers insulation to the feet from heat and cold.


These are for the no-sock look lovers searching for running socks. Socklets are no show socks, as they will reach only up to the ankle of the user. However, the main problem with socklets is that they can easily slip off. Therefore, it is preferable to use socklets that feature pads or paint on the heel and mound to prevent slipping.

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