What Is So Special About Crazy Dress Socks

Crazy dress socks have patterns and stripes that are distinctive and unique in many ways. Of course, bright color socks paired with sneakers on semi-formals give a funky look. However, wearing crazy dress socks is a lot more than just that. Below is how you could make a stunning fashion statement by choosing bright color socks that match with your semi-formal dress.

Watch the Sock Patterns

There are different types of colors in pattern socks. The argyle pattern, for instance, starts with traditional colors such as gray and range up to colors like orange and green. You can also choose simple stripes in paisley socks and mix them up with your colored semi-formals.

Match the Sock Color

One can strike a balance between standard socks and the dominating color in a striped outfit. Simply choose one or two colors of your liking in the outfit to choose the sock color. People tend to notice distinct color combinations in an outfit, so this could make you stand out in the crowd.

Coordinate Minute Portions

In a semi-formal outfit, you tend to get minor stripes in the pocket squares and even on the shirt collar. In that case, you could choose crazy socks that match the color and pattern of these minute details. This can also be applicable for sports jackets, sweaters, or any outfit that gels well with your attire.

Contrast Levels and Dress Themes

Contrast is the natural progression of colors in a general sense. Matching the top half of an outfit with high contrast colors and the bottom half with low-contrast may prove to be downright funky. Try to balance the contrast between trousers and socks as the same as the shirts and belts. This would bring about a balance in your entire outfit.

Crazy Socks Make Your Wardrobe Complete

Crazy dress socks would make a wardrobe complete if you deliberately buy multiple colored socks that match each outfit. Just like the favorite semi-formals, even the crazy dress socks make a person somewhat dress-conscious. Remember, socks are a major part of one’s ou
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